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Abyssinian cattery
Owner: Nadegda Khrapovitska
  Registration Certificates
CFA # 224584 Х WCF # 3209-2012 "Konfetti*UA" Х RUI # 1560
USA - Germany - Ukraine

Abyssinian cattery "Konfetti" - mono-nursery is registered on the system CFA, RUI, WCF, is located in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine.

Our cats - animals show quality, clean American lines have high titles Systems WCF, CFA, RUI, numerous participants, winners and winners of international cat shows different systems.

The purpose of the nursery is the teaching of the modern type of kittens that are other than high pedigree data, good health and the unique character and temperament that are unique to the Abyssinian breed.

All our cats are registered CFA, which ensures the purity of their lines in 8 generations.

Our cats live with us, are not in cages or cages. You can get to know them in this weblog "The Breed".

I am very grateful to the owners of Moscow nursery "Artefakt" - Feyzulova Rumiya and "Eritrean" - Vyshynskaya-Vetokhina Natalia for our animals and for their confidence.

Those wishing to buy a Abyssinian cat: our kittens move to live with their new owners not earlier than 12 weeks old, fully vaccinated, accustomed to the tray and scratching posts, a veterinary passport, pedigree and transfer, in the sale of the mandatory components of a written contract.
Sincerely, Nadegda Khrapovitska
Felinologist Breeder

Kids are waiting for mom-dad
Kids from the litter S2 slowly select a new home. His mom-dad waiting for the two girls of the ruddy colour and two boys of color ruddy and sorrel
21 May 2019
Grand Prix Pro Plan-2017, november, 11-12, 2017, Kiev, Ukraine
Our graduate Konfetti Fancy Pants attended the Grand Prix show Pro Plan-2017 Grand Prix show in Kiev.
He was exhibited on RUI system and went to all finals:
Dmitriy Gubenko - 2 Best Premior
Olga Grebneva - 3 Best Premior
Russel Webb - 4 Best Premior
Vlada Benina - 2 Best Premior!!!

Following the show, he became 2nd BEST PREMIOR and received the nomination for GRAND FINAL in PREMIOR CLASS !!!!!
14 November 2017
We are looking for handles for bred girls
In connection with the end of breeding activities in the nursery, we select loving hands for two girls of wild color. Girls are very affectionate, contact, playful.
Date of birth - August 16, 2014 and December 26, 2015
Preferred families without young children
30 May 2017
RUI XIX Open Championship of Ukraine: results of the season
That ended the exhibition season 2015-2016 Following the results of our young girl season KONFETTI SAMANTHA FOX became the BEST KITTEN XIX of the Open Championship of Ukraine ROLANDUS UNION INTERNATIONAL
Thank Rolandus , thanks to the organizers of exhibitions , thanks to the experts for high scores !!! Special thanks to our assistants and inspiration - Olga Prokhorova and Julia Red'ko, as well as everyone who has supported and helped ! Without all of you in our lives would be at least one holiday !!!!
13 June 2016
RUI XIX Open championship of Ukraine : results of the first half of the season
A great gift for the New Year has made our young beauty Konfetti Samantha Fox. On RUI Cat Show, which was held on 26-27 December 2015 in Simferopol , she became BEST KITTEN in SHOW, taking first place in all four rings . Special thanks to the experts - Natalia Mackiewicz , Elena Podprugina, Olga Rakitnykh and Olga Grebneva - for the appreciation of our Abyssinian kitten. With this victory Konfetti Samantha Fox became the leader of the rating kittens Open Championship of Ukraine. Have Konfetti Samantha Fox success and new heights in the second half of the season.
December 30, 2015
XVIII Ukrainian Open
That ended the exhibition season 2014-2015, many trips, a lot of acquaintances, mass communication and positive emotions!
Thank you to all the experts for their hard work and appreciation of our krasivitsy !!! Thank you to all our competitors are very pleased to see on the exhibitions and fight in the ring with animals deserve! Thanks to all who suffered for us and supported !!! Without you all we would not have done !!!!
04 June 2015

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+38 (050) 959-03-97 (Viber, WhatsApp), 071-322-93-59

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